Balochistan: High School converted to military outpost

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Another school in Balochistan has been converted into an outpost by the Pakistani military.

According to the details received by The Balochistan Post, a school in Kech district has been turned into a military outpost.

The school is situated in Menaz town of Buleda Tehsil—A poverty hit region.

According to reports, this is not first time that Pakistani military has turned schools into outposts, as several schools in the past have forcibly been vacated and converted into military camps and outposts, particularly in Awaran and Kech district.

On 23rd June 2018, Pakistani security forces had converted two schools into military camps in Pidark, Kech.

A local educationist had told TBP in June on the condition of anonymity that the situation is very alarming. ‘Balochistan has very few schools and even those are turned into military camps because schools are the only cemented buildings in the villages and these are ideal spots for military camps. But the security forces do not realize that this further pushes the region into illiteracy,’ he said.

Recently, Pakistan’s federal government released a report, where the government had admitted that in Balochistan nearly 70 percent of the children remain out of the school and most of the schools have only one teacher.

The comparative figures in the report showed that Balochistan is lagging behind all the other provinces in terms of child education.