Two schools converted into military outposts

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Pakistani security forces have converted two schools into military camps in Balochistan, after forcefully taking the schools under their control.

The schools, based in Pidark, Kech, were converted into military camps on 23rd June 2018.

According to the details received by The Balochistan Post, Pakistani security forces raided the girls school on 23 June in Pidark, Kech. After taking into control the school, the forces converted it into a military outpost.

Later, the same day the school for boys was also taken into control and converted into a military camp.

This is not the first time schools have been used for military purposes in Balochistan. Similar incidents have been reported from Mashkay, Awaran and different other areas of Makuran.

A local educationist told TBP on the condition of anonymity that the situation is very alarming. ‘Balochistan has very few schools and even those are turned into military camps because. Schools are the only cemented buildings in the villages and these are ideal spots for military camps. But the security forces do not realize that this further pushes the region into illiteracy,’ he said.

Balochistan ranks very low in international indices of education sector. According to UNDP, the illiteracy rate for females aged more than 10 years stands at alarming rate of 72.94% whereas nearly 48% of males of same age are also illiterate. 59.32% of girls and 52.72% of boys aged 5 to 10 years remain out of school.