Baloch singer goes missing


A locally famous Baloch singer has been ‘disappeared’ by Pakistani security forces after he was arrested in Gayab, Mand.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, Lateef Baloch along with a companion Nadil s/o Ismael were arrested by Pakistani security forces on Wednesday.

The arrests come after Pakistani security forces were targeted in the area on Tuesday. Locals in Balochistan claim that security forces target and raid civilians areas whenever they are attacked by Baloch armed groups.

In another news, three Baloch missing persons have returned home after years of disappearance.

Naeem s/o Haji Chakar went missing in May 2016 from Karachi airport on his way back from Germany. He was arrested by FIA and had been missing since then. He was released in Kech, Balochistan today.

Naeem was repatriated on 14 May 2016 from Germany after he withdrew his asylum plea in the European country.

Similarly, last year in August, security forces had abducted two Baloch men —Mistry Ghulam s/o Daad Mohammad and Fazal s/o Mahmood — during a military operation in Awaran district. Both of them returned to their homes today.

A body of a man that went missing after unknown armed men took him away has been found in Kech, Balochistan. It was not clear why Hayat s/o Faqeer Muhammad had been killed.


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